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In the world of smartphones iPhone is unbeatable till today so many web developers are going to be iPhone developers. In due course they only targeting lucrative iPhone apps development which gives ultimate return so they first of targeting entertainment, games, news, etc. and all in the native format using Objective C and other native technologies and tools.

Majority of iPhone users are preferring native apps because they are reside on the iPhone device and performing best in all aspects like speed, interactions, display, features and functionality to access the hardware features, etc. Unfortunately, native iPhone application development is carried out on particular tools and devices like Mac, Xcode and Cocoa2d, Unity 3D, etc. like software. Here iPhone developers have to do lots of efforts to learn them well and get experiences therefore, they can't work on lower rates.

There are other solutions of these problems and iPhone web app development is one of them. As its name suggests it is closely related to web and web technologies. Moreover, web app runs on the browser like a website so it don't resides on the iPhone device at all therefore, it has to depend on the internet connectivity most of the time. Thus, there are lots of performance issues reported for web apps.

At another side of coin iPhone web app programming is easy and rapid since a developer has to use existing and well known web technologies like HTML 5, CSS 3 and advance JavaScript. At other hand there are some expertise and experience is must for successful iPhone web app programming o lets take a brief review of those essentials in coding.

As stated above iPhone web apps are based on browsers so scaling them according to the device scree is very essential step. When we see the web apps we can say that we use view port and in coding define view port we have to add that function in the head section of the tags with addressing different properties. Usually display of iPhone is 320X480 in portrait mode and 480X320 in landscape mode so we have to define a property “width=device-width” to set view port for web app or iPhone compatible websites.

Same the way if you want to scale a mobile website and give scaling at first load you have to define it in meta like”initial-scale=1.0” and if you wish to allow maximum scaling you have to define that “maximum-scale=1.0”. If you think user should have power to scale the web app or website according to her wishes using hand gestures like pinching or double tapping we should put tags like “user-scalable=1” if don't wish to assign that power we will put value: 0, instead of 1.

As we learn that iPhone web app developers are using browser to display web apps that means there would be address bar which will occupy our real estate and distracting user experiences a lot so removing address bar is must have step for any iPhone web application programmer. To do this we have to take help of JavaScript and set values in “window.scrollTo(o, 1);” so your address bar will disappear.


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Splash The Water Of iPhone Web App Development

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Splash The Water Of iPhone Web App Development

This article was published on 2013/05/22