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If your iPhone has recently broken and you've found yourself with a cracked iPhone screen then this can be quite a distressing scenario to be plunged into as you are quite likely to have found yourself becoming relatively reliant your Apple iPhone for a whole range of different services from having a camera to having the ability to find your way no matter where you are or where you're trying to get to thanks to the handy GPS and built in Google Maps.

However these are unlikely to be your only concerns and it is also relatively likely that you are also suffering other problems if you have a cracked iPhone. Chief among these will be the fact that you will be likely to have lost a rather large amount of data on your iPhone when it broke and that you won't necessarily have backed all this up if you haven't had a good change to sync at your PC. Because an iPhone doesn't have a slot for a memory card, this means that a cracked iPhone screen isn't a simple matter of pulling out the SD card and putting that into your computer that data is likely to be lost for a long time.

This is one reason why if you have cracked iPhone glass, it is a good idea to get iPhone cracked glass repair rather than trying to get a new iPhone altogether because if you get your iPhone repaired then you'll have your data back and furthermore you'll know that no one else is getting their grubby hands on it.

So just what important data is this that you might be wanting to protect? Well there are many different things that can be kept on an iPhone but one of the main areas for concern is photos. As we always have our iPhone on us that means that we always have a camera to hand for sudden photography and we are likely to use this to take countless pictures of just about anything and everything. This then means that there is a lot of sentimental value in those pictures and that our iPhone houses an awful lot of happy memories. At the same time though we will also likely be worried about some of these pictures getting into the wrong hands and we will want to ensure that we have the phone back if it perhaps contains romantic pictures or even just embarrassing pictures that you don't want other people seeing.

On top of this though an iPhone can have a lot of financial data on it and this might include things like your PIN number if you are using the iTunes store. If you use the notes application you might take notes of all manner of private things, and on top of this there will be saved in your apps all of your game saves and your progress and even your user name on online games. There are countless important reasons then to not just get a new iPhone but to get your iPhone back and repaired.
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Data On Your Iphone

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This article was published on 2011/04/15